Awesome and Freaking Amazing AT

Today I did a trade with a gifted bodyworker, Oliver Danni Green, in payback for a wonderful massage I got a couple weeks ago.  Ze kindly shared this endorsement of my work on Facebook: The best part of being a professional bodyworker is being able to do exchanges with other practitioners! I had an AWESOME session with Amy Ward Brimmer today, who does Alexander Technique and Somatic Release. If you're in the Philadelphia area and you have a body, I highly recommend that you get a session (or a bunch of sessions!) with Amy.

As if that was not enough, Oliver Danni's friend, Maryann Concannon, posted what has now become perhaps my favorite affirmation of the Alexander Technique, ever:

When I heard of Alexander Technique I thought, "what the hell would an orator know about body work?" I was sure it was bollocks. But after a friend used it and then I tried it -- it was freaking amazing!!!!   I was cooking professionally at the time and had a bit of tennis elbow.  My Alexander Tech teacher told me to bend my knees (WTF) to make my elbow feel better.  And it worked! EVERY TIME.

Two terrific endorsements -- too terrific!