What Was I Thinking?

I decided to launch this blog at Christmastime, just a week or so before taking on a second part-time job.  Not the smartest move of my life.  Two part-time jobs add up to more than one full-time job, as any reasonable person might have known.  Consequently, this blog has never  been very active, and has been lying dormant -- until now.

I am currently in the process of reviving my Alexander Technique practice, as well as offering private and semi-private birth and parenting classes, and Somatic Release sessions.  This blog will be reinvented, too, most likely renamed Way Opens, the new name of my business -- Way Opens Studio. 

From time to time I may blog about the adventure of building this business, but hopefully I'll be too busy actually doing that, and won't have time. Continuing Revelation will have to fall silent once again, but by Thanksgiving Way Opens will be well on its way.