The Carter Center

I really like what I read about this organization and its initiatives. I especially like the simple, low-tech solutions they provide for health care, health education, and near-eradication of some horrible but preventable diseases, mostly in Africa, such as Malaria, River Blindness and Guinea Worm, a particularly awful disease about which I knew nothing. Just reading about it is harrowing. The community-based system of delivery for medical aid is effective and long-lasting. Guinea Worm has dropped from 3.5 million cases in 1986 to a current level of only 5,000. And that's just the Health section of what the Carter Center does. They are actively working on Peace issues and actions around the world. Jimmy Carter is so cool. His Presidency seems to have been just a springboard for what he really wanted to do in life. And Roslyn has taken up the cause of mental health prejudice in this country, with the Carter Center providing resources for community and family education in this area.

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