Seeking or Obsessing?

This is my first post to a blog, any blog really, let alone my own. Is this self-obsession or honest seeking? I hope it might be a forum for musings, links to other interesting sites and articles, and a record of my (our?) process as it unfolds.
It looked like a great outlet in "Julia & Julia," as well as narcissistic.
At the moment, it is an experiment to see how writing feels again. I always try to remember to start any session of writing by invoking Natalie Goldberg's advice to give yourself permission to "write the worst s*&t in the world (universe, history of human kind, etc.)." I am free to write the worst s#*t I possibly can.
(Since I didn't really read the Terms of Service, I don't know if I am free to spell it out, however.)
My new Friend Stephen Dotson posed a question on Facebook the other day: How do you know when you're getting a leading? How is it different than following a hunch or listening to intuition? I did not get a leading to create a blog. But I have a hunch it may help in directing me toward my next leading.
Maybe it'll just provide a soapbox for my middle-aged maternal passive-aggressive Quaker menopausal rantings.
Time will tell.
So then --
Out beyond the idea of rightdoing and wrongdoing,
there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
That's Rumi. I think I'll leave it at that for now.